About Us

Ark is a Sydney based technology firm founded in 2022. We are not outsiders – with an over simplified understanding of the specialist and complex nature of the construction industry.

Our leaders were designers, engineers and project managers with a combined 50 years of experience in the construction industry. Between us we have designed and delivered 100s of projects, some of Australia’s largest and most complex, we are from the industry, but we have reimagined the process leveraging technology.  

Ark is a cloud-based software platform (SaaS), that provides users with digital workflows, data analytics, and a design configuration tool that streamlines the planning and delivery of new buildings using off-site manufacturing.

The Problem We Want To Solve

The traditional project development process engages expensive resources that often design complexity with over engineered solutions costing clients in unnecessary materials, labour and time, this outcome is also hurting the environment with excessive unnecessary carbon emission, water use and landfill.

At Ark we believe Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) using off-site manufacturing is the only viable path to improve productivity and decarbonising construction. But the tools and processes designers use today don’t support that path, but Ark does!

We have developed a digital process for project teams to follow that is intuitive, easy to use to and fun to create new buildings, with one a key difference, that Ark can guarantee that those designs will be ready for off-site manufacturing.

Who Would Use Ark?

We know it’s a big decision for customers and their teams to make, and there’s many that have tried and failed to reap the claimed savings of MMC, but we believe we have created a tool that if you make the commitment and choose Ark you will get the outcomes.

At Ark standardised design means creating high-quality, world-class design that can be repeated.

We have invested in developing this technology for client organisations that have:

  • a repeatable accommodation-based asset class (housing, aged care, school, justice, defence healthcare etc)
  • a high service demand and volume to meet
  • customers that want to choose speed, efficiency and a way to decarbonise their capital program
  • …and in return are happy to accept standardised designs.

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