Components of the Ark construction software

Integration software that powers modern methods of construction

Ark seamlessly converts master plans into a schedule of components, provides an online fulfillment marketplace and data insights ensuring the acceleration and simplification of delivery of assets.

How it works

Ark is a feature rich, data driven software designed to systemise and automate the construction process.

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Simplified Strategy

For clients and asset owners that need to deliver built assets and want to simplify, accelerate, and decarbonise the process.

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Ark converts master plans and design information into schedules of component and system specifications hosted on its digital marketplace.

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Delivery & Verification

Ark acts as the control tower for real time data flows and analytics and be the source of truth for cost and performance.

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Asset Management

Ark will host building assurance information and leverage operational data, advising routine maintenance, and status of components and systems.

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Benefits that modernise the industry

Complete projects efficiently

The current traditional contracting model demands significant manual effort and investment. Ark can lower the manual effort required and cost.

Ark reduces duplication of resources and  ‘margin on margin’ that exists in the current traditional contracting model by forming new value chains and business to business relationships between suppliers and clients - removing the ‘middleman’ to streamline the process.

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Increase collaboration

Ark enables collaboration within the ecosystem and allow firms to integrate their organisations, processes and information to produce better outcomes.

Ark advocates the principles of Project13 approach brings together clients, consultants, and suppliers, working in more integrated and collaborative way, underpinned by long term partnerships.

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Greener outcomes

Ark facilitate the transition to modern methods of construction (MMC) to standardise proven, superior design and build using manufactured components.

MMC reduces carbon emissions, material waste and water waste on sites. The modularity and interoperability of each component and system allows materials to be manufactured and ordered with precision and used across different asset classes.

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Built for the ecosystem

Ark brings the industry together ensuring efficiencies, greater productivity and sustainable outcomes.

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Ark as the digital integrator provides a common delivery platform to support an ecosystem of suppliers, manufactures and assemblers to work within a consistent, repeatable production system.

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Man who is a manufacturer in the construction industry

Ark enables design for products not projects, with more automated production off-site, and less manual construction on-site, importantly this creates new data flows.

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Man who is an assembler in the construction industry

Ark aims to drive simplicity of assembly, develop intuitive easy to use instructions tested using an assembly simulator.

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Clients & Owners

Ark aims to see the back of invoicing and the 30-day remittance period. It is exploring technology to connect with New Payment Platforms (NPP) linking it to scoring suppliers’ performance and customer feedback ratings.

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